Is Acupuncture More Than Just Being Poked?

Have you ever wondered what acupuncture really does and if it works? As you look at possible treatments for health issues, have you ever entertained the idea of trying acupuncture? Most likely, you get a vision in your mind of long needles being poked into a person, and you might wonder how painful it is. There are many things to know and it is always best to learn and research a process before you judge its uses. There are several places that provide acupuncture therapy in Fort Wayne and other cities. If you are interested, you should seek them out and learn about the procedure.

What Is Acupuncture?

In the East, acupuncture has been an important part of medicine for thousands of years. It is an ancient technique that is now becoming more common in the West as well. It has created positive results in patients for centuries. The total process may not be completely understood, but science is proving that there is relief from pain and ailments when acupuncture is used.

The process involves very thin, hair-like needles to be placed in various pressure points throughout the body. Once these points are stimulated the body takes action and begins to heal. The Chinese talk about two opposing forces in the body: yin and yang. When they are in balance, the body is healthy and creates a positive energy, qi, which you pronounce as “chee”. This energy flows throughout the body and keeps the yin and yang balanced. At times this energy can be blocked and that can lead to illness. There are about 2,000 acupuncture points in the body. The idea of acupuncture is to stimulate these points with the needles that are used. By inserting them into the area, the disruptions are opened and energy can travel again, thus letting the body heal.

How to Choose an Acupuncturist

Once you have determined that you would like to try this kind of treatment, you will want to consider a few things when you choose the acupuncturist.

1. It is important to understand the training that the practitioner has completed. You will want to ask about their education and the number of hours they have spent learning and practicing. Doctors that perform this technique need 100 to 200 hours of training at the least. There are boards that dictate the certification process. You will just want to make sure that your doctor meets the appropriate requirements.

2. You will want to learn about the specialty of the doctor that will work with you. Determine if the condition that you want to treat is something that they have worked on regularly. Acupuncture may be used to treat muscle and joint pain, stress and anxiety, or even infertility. It is important to match yourself and your concerns to an appropriate physician.

3. You should discuss the number of treatments and how often you will need to come in to receive those. This will help you to understand the time commitment needed.

4. It is important to find out if these treatments are covered by your insurance company. They won’t always be, so you will need to plan accordingly if you move forward.

5. You also want to be clear on the cost of the treatments. Don’t hesitate to ask and understand if the initial visit is different than follow-up ones.

6. You can also ask about other treatment methods. It is common for an acupuncturist to have herbalist that can create medicines for your specific needs. They may provide food therapy as well, using diet and nutrition to aid in the healing process.

Acupuncture can be a great treatment avenue. You will want to understand the type of acupuncture therapy available in Fort Wayne or in your city. Take the time to learn and experience this tried and true option.

5 Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Care For Chronic Pain

Do you have chronic pain that you can’t seem to shake? Perhaps it’s pain in your arms, back, wrists, legs, or another part of your body. Professionals that specialize in chiropractic in San Diego may be able to help. Here are 5 reasons that you may want to consider calling a chiropractor today.

1. Addresses Underlying Causes of Pain
Chiropractors treat a number of issues that cause chronic pain. This type of care isn’t designed to merely treat the symptoms. It is designed to treat the cause. Many times, painful conditions are the result of areas in the spine where bones are restricted or misaligned. Addressing these problems can go a long way toward relieving the following sorts of pain:

• Sports injuries
• Lower back pain
• Chronic headaches, including migraines

2. Can Improve Productivity
Has chronic pain made it difficult to perform your work functions well? Whether you have an active job or you sit at a desk for large periods of time throughout the day, chiropractic care can relieve disk pressure, increase muscle effort, and restore proper spinal alignment. What does this mean for you? It means you can focus on your work and not on painful symptoms.

To get the greatest benefits from chiropractic care and improve your productivity at work, it’s important to stick with consistent treatment. Missing appointments can work against you and undermine the treatment process.

3. Improves Your Cognitive Function
It seems like more and more people today are complaining that they feel sluggish all the time and slow to respond. Believe it or not, a decrease in cognitive function may actually be the result of cervical spinal joint dysfunction. Instead of pumping your body full of energy drinks and energy pills, you may want to consult with your friendly, neighborhood chiropractor to find out what is really going on within your body that is making it difficult to concentrate.

4. Boosts Your Immune System
Chiropractic care is a great way to boost your immunity. Certain studies have indicated that chiropractic adjustments can raise levels of monocytes and polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN). These are fancy names for white blood cells that are directly linked to a healthy and resilient immune system.

Not only can chiropractic care keep you from coming down with colds throughout the year, it can also help you reduce your dependency on certain medications. The cost of pharmaceuticals, both prescription and over-the-counter, are on the rise. Just think of what you could do with the money you save by reducing the amount of medications you need to take for chronic conditions.

5. Gets You Moving
A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to overall health and wellness. Yet, so many people find it difficult to get moving due to pain and discomfort. Visiting a chiropractor can help you improve your flexibility and range of motion, getting you ready to participate in regular exercise.

Before You Seek Chiropractic Care
A chiropractor is not a medical doctor and not every condition can be treated in this manner. Before you visit a chiropractor, make sure to stop by your primary care physician’s office for a wellness checkup. Some chronic pain can be the result of illness or disease that needs to be treated in a medical setting. While chiropractic care can enhance the treatment, for some conditions it should not be the sole treatment choice.
Find practitioners that offer chiropractic in San Diego can be as easy as asking friends and family for referrals. If you plan to use your medical insurance to pay for treatment, contact your insurance provider to make sure chiropractic care is covered and/or reimbursable.

Magnetic Therapy Products And Their Uses

There are a wide range of biomagnetic products available, depending on a user’s specific needs. Following, is a list of some of the most common types of products, and what they are generally used for.

Medical (Spot) Magnets
These are small, individual medical (spot) magnets which can be applied to any area of the body by using products such as surgical tape, adhesive bandages, or wraps. Spot magnets are generally applied directly over any areas of the body to be treated, but can also be affixed over acupuncture points.

Magnetic Ankle Supports (Braces and Wraps)
Magnet therapy ankle support devices, including both braces and wraps, provide stabilization and support for weak or injured ankles, in addition to applying magnetic healing to the ankle. These types of ankle supports are generally employed for treating ankle strains, sprains, as well as general ankle pain caused by injury or overuse.

Magnetic Shoulder Supports
Magnet therapy shoulder supports stabilize and support the shoulders and upper back, and also surround these areas with healing magnetic fields. The various types of magnetic shoulder supports can be used for pain and soreness in the shoulders and upper back caused by such problems as muscle pain, joint pain and swelling, and arthritic shoulder pain.

Magnetic Back Supports (Braces and Wraps)
These types of magnetic therapy products are designed to treat large regions of the body, and generally contain numerous indiviudal medical magnets, which apply a magnetic field across a broad area. Biomagnetic back support products are often utilized for various types of back pain and problems, including strains, muscle aches, and pulled muscles.

Magnetic Knee Braces
Magnet therapy knee braces are designed to provide stabilization and compression support for injured or painful knees, as well as surround the knee joint with a healing magnetic field. Biomagnetic knee braces and wraps have been used to treat a wide range of knee injuries and conditions such as sprain, strains, tendonitis of the knee, and pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Magnetic Elbow Braces
Very similar to magnet therapy knee braces, magnet therapy elbow braces provide both stabilization and compression support for painful and injured elbows, and are also used to apply magnetic healing to the joint. These types of elbow support products are often used to treat elbow-related problems such as tendonitis, strains, and arthritic pain.

Magnet Therapy Bracelets
Biomagnetic therapy jewelry, including magnetic bracelets, not only come in wide range of stylish types, but they also provide a convenient way for people to use magnet therapy on a daily basis. These typs of magnetic bracelets apply a constant and consistent magnetic field which affects the bloodstream, possibly resulting in improved circulation, increased bloodflow, and reduced pain.

Magnet Therapy Necklaces
Being similar to magnetic bracelets, biomagnetic necklaces are available in many fashionable and attractive styles and typs, in addition to providing a very easy way to employ magnet therapy througout the day. Like biomagnetic bracelets, and other magnet therapy jewelry, biomagnetic necklaces apply a constant healing magnetic field to the body.

Magnetic Mattress Pads
Magnet therapy mattress pads and mattress covers often contain thousands of individual therapy magnets, which bath a user’s whole body in healing magnetic fields while they sleep. These products can be used by people who are suffering from chronic pains, particularly pain in the back and legs. Additionally many users employ the use of magnetic pads and covers as holistic tools for improved overall health.

Magnetic Massagers
Biomagnetic massagers are one of the newest magnet therapy products available, and they have the specific benefit of allowing people to target and treat focused areas of the body with a magnetic field. They are available in various types and strengths. Generally, the stronger the magnetic field (higher gauss rating), the deeper the magnetic field will penetrate body tissue. Magnetic massagers are often used in order to increase blood flow and to treat pain in joints, muscles, and other areas of the body.