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What You Need to Understand About Cryotherapy Cryotherapy is one new treatment wherein the body is exposed to very cold temperatures for a short time in order to promote healing and also for other therapeutic results. This has been effective in decreasing inflammation of the body tissues, the muscles and joints. This can also help improve circulation as well as healing. This is able to slow down cellular metabolism and even reproduction. With cryotherapy, then you can reduce the pain and the muscle spasms in the body and be able to reduce the swelling of your injuries. This also promotes faster healing in the muscle, tendon and joint injuries. This is the reason why there are now many basketball players that are going for this. This cryotherapy is related to cryosurgery but is different because the latter involves the removal of diseased or dead tissues and this also includes a focused application of extreme cold to the affected tissue before it is removed. This is often facilitated with the use of liquid nitrogen. Cryosurgery is utilized for removing warts, skin tags, moles and this is also used in treating some forms of cancer. Cryotherapy is done through lowering the skin’s temperature in a fast way but just for two minutes and not over four. A safe and non-toxic nitrogen will be sprayed throughout the body first. The natural atmosphere is actually made up of 80 percent of nitrogen. You will then be asked to get inside the cryotherapy chamber which is just like the spray-tan booth and you will have the treatment while in a standing position.
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With that brief reduction of the temperature of the body, there is then a sudden release and burst of adrenaline which results to a boost of the immune system. After the treatment, you will have an improved immune system for several days or weeks. There will also be the release of endorphins which are actually the natural painkillers of the body. The changed in physiology can result to fast healing and this can also improve the state of your cells, organs as well as your systems.
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Other advantages that you can get from this treatment include cellular repair and tissue repair, improved immune function, better metabolism, detoxification of the skin, fast healing, improved circulation and many more. These healing benefits are actually possible and cryotherapy is one safe and also non-invasive procedure. So many clinics are now providing cryotherapy and the professional athletes have noticed this too. You may expect the treatment to be very costly but this is only affordable. The price is the same when you get a massage. The average price of this treatment is about fifty to a hundred dollars.

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Supplements for a Healthy Brain You may not know it but our brain cells slowly die as we grow older. And if you want to protect your brain and prevent yourself from getting Alzheimer’s disease, it is time to do something about it. There are a lot of healthy brain supplements available in the market today and the best ones are those that contain high levels of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids. To protect our heart and our brain, DHA and EPA fatty acids are the best supplements to take because they are also good to make the whole of our bodies healthier. Take note that half of your brain is made up of DHA. And this DHA is a great help in making the brain functioning properly all the time. DHA also helps the brain so that it can prevent a person from feeling depression and anxiety. You feel happier and in a better mood when this is the case. It is also good to give healthy brain supplements especially to growing children. It is beneficial for a child to have a healthy brain. They usually perform better than most other kids, they are very alert, their cognitive awareness is improved, they have good coordination and they have above average learning ability.
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Because these health supplements also help in the development of a healthy fetus, a pregnant mother taking these brain supplements can expect to have a healthy baby. If you take the best and the purest fish oil supplement then you can sure that you will be protecting your brain’s health. However there is a need to also determine that the fish oil is one from fish caught in special seas worldwide.
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The fish oil processing should make sure that all contaminants are removed first because these are harmful to health. Manufacturers who see to it that all these contaminants are removed from fish oil can deliver pure fish oil high in DHA and EPA. The best brain supplement for your whole family is fish oil high in DHA and EPA. This will help prevent degenerative diseases and it will prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and schizophrenia from invading the brain. These fish oil supplements can actually reduce the possibility of having these diseases by up to twenty five percent. Fish oil supplements high on DHA and EPA also has anti-inflammatory properties which will help prevent certain diseases. With this property the body is allowed to heal faster, and will prevent certain cancers to develop, and it can also protect the heart and boost our body’s immune system. If you take a pure fish oil supplement you can protect your health and the health of your family as well.

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Using the Trampoline for Exercise It has become more obvious that exercise is important because of obesity and health concerns around the globe. What can be good about exercise regularly is that you can easily have your health in check at all times. Usually aerobic exercises are your best choice to stay healthy and to get into shape too. However exercising at home would require investments that will necessitate your buying your own treadmills and elliptical machines. You can go for the cheaper and more fun solution which is to buy an exercise trampoline. It is more likely that you have seen trampolines in many aerobic competitions and circuses before. But the ones that you will be able to buy for your home can be smaller than the usual type. When you jump on the trampoline, you’ll feel that sense of weightlessness and of having reduced gravity as you are falling back down. It’s the weightlessness that will orient your circulatory and lymphatic systems for you to feel rejuvenated and healthy. You can enjoy a lot of benefits when you exercise using the trampoline. One is that you will have reduced toxins within your body due to the periods of high and low gravity that you go through each time you exercise. This helps a lot to make yourself healthy and free from all types of diseases. The use of trampolines when exercising can aid your circulation through transporting oxygen towards every cell found in your body. One other benefit in using the trampoline for exercise is that it can give you the cardio workout you need.
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It’s been seen that exercising through the trampoline for 10 to 15 minutes is already equivalent to 40 minutes of jogging or cycling. One other thing you have to know is that exercising on the trampoline can help a lot in burning calories for weight loss. There are many studies that show that exercising with the use of trampolines can help burn more calories than running. One more thing is that it is also safer on the joints than jogging since there is less pressure. And also using trampolines is also considered as an aerobic exercise.
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Therefore when it comes to trampolines, this can aid a lot in blood circulation, for good health, for right breathing, and also for losing weight. However it is more to the point that it can aid in rejuvenation and also in keeping you energized. It’s through exercising with the trampoline that your mind will be free from stress. You would also find it fun to have a trampoline. You can turn it into a family event and even call all your friends for an afternoon activity. Most of all, they are also cheaper.